Dorian Tries to Get on a Train

Two days ago, I said goodbye to my family and dogs to get on a plane to Germany. I thought the process would be fairly easy, but I was pretty wrong. Let’s start off by saying I’m in my apartment safe and sound. It may have taken longer than I thought it would to get here–but that part is entirely my fault.

img_3232So, let’s begin this ridiculous tale. Aside from having to go through security twice and my glasses deciding to break right when I reached my gate, my first flight went smoothly. I didn’t get a lick of sleep during those 8 hours, which put me at about 22 hours of being awake. Once I landed in London, I had to go through security again. They even patted me down twice–I’d be fine with all of this if my flight wasn’t supposed to take off in less than 25 minutes.

After I got through that security experience, I sprinted to my next gate and made it in just in time. I got a super luxurious seat next to the toilet and a sick girl, but it was fine–it was only supposed to be an hour long flight, right? Well, we just sat there in the plane for a good hour before taking off, so it was more like two hours.

Then came the trains. Let me be clear: in my short life of 20 years, I have never stepped foot on anything close to a train–or even a bus (except in Ecuador, but I always had someone with me to help out).

Well, I didn’t understand how to get to Hamburg Hbf (central station)–I didn’t understand anything. Only older men and women surrounded me, which meant they didn’t speak english very well and had no clue what I needed. Eventually, I just hopped on one of them and fate gifted me with two English speakers that told me which stop I needed.

I thought that was the hard part–absolutely not. I missed my first train because I trusted my phone for the time, but forgot it hadn’t connected to wifi, therefore it would still be on London time–which was an hour behind. So, I missed the first one, but I had a flexible ticket, which meant I could use it whenever.

So, I get on the platform, ready for the next train for Bremen to come. It does and I just stare at it. People had exited and I’m not sure what I expected. Something similar to what happened in The Polar Express: a ticket man yelling, “All Aboard!” Well, to my crushing disappointment, that didn’t happen and I watched the doors shut right in front of my face.

Finally, I found a worker and they told me exactly what I was supposed to do and I ended up on the next train perfectly. All of this put me about 2 hours past the time I told everyone I would be in my apartment, so when I finally did reach wifi (which wasn’t until I reached my apartment) my phone blew up with messages from everyone–sorry, y’all!

All of this was probably caused by a combination of overthinking, extreme sleep deprivation, and too much excitement–but I won’t make excuses. On the bright side, I think I know how to catch a train now.

Despite all the confusion and near breakdowns, I’m extremely excited to be in Bremen. I’ll be uploading a video tour of my apartment (if I can figure it out) or a photo tour soon.



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